Artist Erotix

  “Man must retain his connection with the beast to truly be considered a man.”

The essence of my art is to evoke and provoke. I am a well travelled, self-taught artist / illustrator that finds inspiration in people, places and some beautifully dark corners of my imagination. I have an interest in things dark and phantasmic and often cross the erotic with the shadows of dark fantasy and the bizarre. I am also influenced by mythology, literature, film, pop culture, erotica and fetish culture. I would say my artistic style could be called idealized realism influenced by such artists as Eugene Grasset,  Robert E. Mc Ginnis,  Aubrey Beardsley,  Giovanna Casotto and Milo Manara. I use mixed media such as pencil , ink ,graphite, water colour and acrylic paint, sometimes coloured markers or anything at hand that may do the job.

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