Feel the Burn

Published by DARK ARTS by Bear X

Erotic artist

6 thoughts on “Feel the Burn

      1. I do have a question about this drawing…if you don’t mind answering. When I first viewed it…I thought that perhaps you had drawn the middle finger shorter…like, she specifically had a shorter middle finger for pleasuring herself (which I thought was genius!). But then, after looking at it again, I realized that what I had thought was the nail on the middle finger was actually shadowing, indicating that her middle finger just looked shorter because it is inside of her. Am I right? Naughty minds have to know!

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      2. I really appreciate you clarifying your thoughts, Bear X. I had worried you might say something like “I’ll leave that to your imagination” and I was really interested in what you had to say as the artist. And yes… I do love the idea of her finger evolving into a pleasure aid…

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